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Meet the Organizing committee member!
CEO and CoFounder of ORACLUM Intelligence Systems

Vuk Vuković

Vuk is the co-founder and CEO of Oraclum Intelligence Systems Ltd, a UK-based data company that uses the power of social networks, big data, and machine learning to predict election outcomes, market movements, product demand, and consumer behaviour. As CEO he is responsible for most day-to-day business activities, direct sales with clients, finance, and controlling. Their work includes doing survey experiments, data science modelling, and complex network and social network surveys which we have been conducting in 15 countries (US, UK, France, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe), all done using social media.

He holds a PhD in political economy from the University of Oxford, Pembroke College. His thesis looks at how the collusion between politicians and firms (an interaction I define as elite networks) affects the distribution of top incomes. He successfully defended the thesis in record time, after only two and a half years of study (from September 2016 to March 2019). During his time at Oxford he was a teaching assistant at the Oxford Q-step Center, teaching 1st year PhD course Causal Inference, and he held workshops in RStudio. The thesis is currently being turned into a book titled “Elite Networks: The Collusion between Politicians and Firms and Its Consequences on Inequality“.



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