Data Science Economy 2020: Data Vs. Covid
2+ keynotes / 15+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

15th – 19th of June 2020, Online, Zagreb, Croatia
Data science team member at Megatrend Business Solutions , Croatia

Marija Frković


Marija Frković is a final year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, working as a student in the Megatrend Business Solutions data science team. Although her primary field of study are Information Systems, she has taken an interest in the field of Natural Language Processing and is currently in the process of writing her graduation thesis on the subject of NLP and Deep Learning. In Megatrend Business Solutions, she works in the development of NLP solutions.


Application of Natural Language Processing in business processes

Natural Language Processing is the common subfield of linguistics and artificial intelligence which gives computers the ability to read and understand human languages. This presentation covers the basic concepts, methods and processes of NLP, its use-cases, and an overview of NLP projects we are currently doing in Megatrend Business Solutions.