28.06.2017 / 3 keynotes / 16 talks
What is happening around unConference and Data Science?

June 28th, 2017, Zagreb, HUB385, Croatia

Artificial Intelligence is heading our way – and we need to understand its impact and changes that it will bring to us and our future.

Underneath all the hype, real breakthroughs in AI are happening, transforming how we do business. Intelligence engineers and developers are creating software that doesn’t just do what it’s told, but has the ability to anticipate the needs of its users and customers through a combination of pattern recognition, knowledge, planning, and reasoning.

EVENTA01 launched new series of meetups that are explaining new ways how to use AI, including:

  • Translating AI into real numbers for business
  • Deep learning models for computer vision solutions
  • AI for structured business data
  • How AI can power voice interfaces
  • Natural language processing
  • Tensorflow
  • Using the cloud as an AI supercomputer
  • Scaling and productizing conversational AI
  • Affordable AI-capable products
  • AI for digital advertising product recommendations
  • Software and hardware breakthroughs for deep neural networks
  • AI contributions in industry and engineering

On meetup, we had the opportunity to host over 170 people that were part of the discussions, including some invited presentations from leading AI experts in Croatia.

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