Data Science Economy 2020
9 talks / 4 workshops / 1 panel
delivered from experts & practitioners

15th – 19th of June 2020, ONLINE, Zagreb, Croatia
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Data Science Economy Conference

Join live conference DAY3

The time for investing in building a data driven organization is now.

What can you expect at the conference this year?

Major topic for this year ONLINE conference is how Data Science can help fight COVID 19. Multiple projects based on Data Science, ‘machine learning‘ or ‘big data’, are being used across a broad range of fields to predict, explain and manage the different scenarios caused by the health crisis.

Technology is being applied and delivering results in fields such as: in virus research and the development of drugs and vaccines; in the management of services and resources at healthcare centers; and in the analysis of data to support public policy decisions aimed at managing the crisis, such as the confinement measures.

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Organizational Committee, Advisors and Supporters

We have great lineup of fantastic speakers that will drive Keynotes and Main Case Studies in Retail, Telco, Government and Finance. We are connecting people and organizations that understand the impact of Data Science, want to create a new value out of data resources they have, and are looking for an opportunity to create a data driven business – business for the future. Leo


Director at AlgebraLAB, Academic Entrepreneur



Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer, Business Intelligence / Big Data @NEOS



Leading international expert for Analytical Systems and Data Architecture @Poslovna Inteligencija



President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer @ Koios Consulting Ltd



Business Intelligence Department Manager at Adacta d.o.o., Zagreb



Board Member at Megatrend



CEE PS Cloud Services Director, Data Economy Enthusiast @Microsoft Corporation



CEO and CoFounder of ORACLUM Intelligence Systems

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They recognize the importance of Data Science and the need to gather community for growth and development


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