Data Science Economy 2020
Workshop: How to use ML for cloud services costs prediction?

18.06. 2020, 12:00, @ZOOM

Day 4

12:00 – 14:00
by Dario Radečić, Data Science Consultant at Neos

How to use ML for cloud services costs prediction?

Since the early stages, Neos has been leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts and tools turning terabytes of data into knowledge and predictions, helping business users make better decisions. Besides working on custom client projects related to ML implementation, at Neos, we are using ML in our own products. The latest one is CloudVane, whose primary goal is to make all cloud costs visible and controllable, enabling users to govern, analyse and manage spend, usage, and security across the entire organization.
In order to implement all this, we need not only to gather large amounts of data in Near-real time, but also to analyse and predict spending patterns and identify anomalies.
As part of the workshop, we will demonstrate how to utilize Oracle Machine Learning technologies upgraded with a custom NeosML library, for time series analysis and forecasting in a cloud spend control domain.
The workshop’s agenda can be summarized as follows:
• Cloud cost management challenges + CloudVane
• Available datasets and usage of ML
• Oracle Machine Learning
• NeosML library
• A practical example of using OML and NeosML to forecast time series

If you were searching for a workshop that covers machine learning, time series, and cloud – search no more! In 90 minutes, you’ll see how time series analysis is used to analyse the present and predict the future, in a fully automated fashion.




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