Data Science Economy 2020
Workshop: Introduction to web scraping and web crawling

19.06. 2020, 09:30, @ZOOM

Day 5

09:30 – 11:30
by Domagoj Marić, Data scientist & Matija Domjan, Business solutions consultant in Megatrend Business Solutions

Introduction to web scraping and web crawling

Web scraping is the automated extraction of specific content from web pages and it always comes with web crawling – the process of automated search (browsing) of the web. The importance of this field comes from the value of the information which you can nowadays find on the Internet. More information and better information are crucial for better business decisions.

This workshop will cover the basic concepts, processes and best practices of web scraping and web crawling, the most popular web scraping tools for Python and will include demonstrations of very popular Python modules like requests and beautiful soup.




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