Data Science Economy: Workshop days
4 workshops delivered from experts & practitioners.
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18th & 19th of June 2020, Online, Croatia
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Workshop and hands-on presentation are a great format for participants to dive deeper into specific tools and products used within the Data Science field.
Working in groups and guided by the expert in specific filed of Data Science they will be introduced with basic principles, concepts, and techniques used for big data and business analytics. Participants will get a good picture of all these concepts and how they all are interconnected to each other in organizational context.

Databricks hands on for Data Science projects

Thursday, 18th of June, 09:30

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How to use ML for cloud services costs prediction?

Thursday, 18th of June, 12:00

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Introduction to web scraping and web crawling

Friday, 19th of June, 09:30

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Machine learning in Python with serverless Microsoft Azure Functions

Friday, 19th of June, 12:00

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