Data Science Economy 2020: Data Vs. Covid
2+ keynotes / 15+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

15th – 19th of June 2020, Online, Zagreb, Croatia
Consultant at A2Z-CM consultancy, Netherlands

Paul Lynn


Paul is an independent Data consultant with 13 years proven delivery experience working in the Investment and Retail banking sector. He helps his clients deliver transformational change and implement next generation data driven services, working at GSIB and DISB institutions. Paul holds a MA in psychology from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, and an MPhil in social and development psychology from the University of Cambridge. Outside of work, he supports an educational charity and plays cello to relax.


Data Science needs Data – But it’s hard to start!

How to design new data flows to accelerate your Data projects

Simply getting to the startline of a data project may involve your data scientists searching for the right data through a fragmented IT landscape, requesting access to data, then preparing tooling and environments. These tasks to set up a data pipeline are usually monotonous, time consuming and can set projects up for failure before they have even deployed to production.

In this talk Paul will discuss his experience in empowering organisations to enable next generation Data projects by using examples of

  • Removing legacy barriers and designing data pipelines to quickly start a data project
  • Setting up oversight and governance processes to control the data pipelines
  • Enabling the people who really understand the data to do their jobs