Data Science Economy 2020: Data Vs. Covid
2+ keynotes/ 15+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

15th – 19th of June 2020, Online, Zagreb, Croatia
Director of Innovation & Development department in Poslovna Inteligencija

Marko Štajcer

Director of Innovation & Development department in Poslovna Inteligencija


Graduated on University of Zagreb on Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Information Systems, 2008. After graduation Marko started working at Poslovna inteligencija where he gained extensive experience in the field of data warehousing systems, data integration, business intelligence and Big Data analytics on numerous national and international projects. Today, Marko is Director of Innovation and Development department at the same company, where he is responsible for research and introduction of new technologies and the development of Big Data applications. He also participates in complex projects of data integration and advanced analytics in the role of system architect, lead consultant and project manager.


Birdbox – EUvsVirus Hackathon Project

The COVID-19 crisis happened very quickly and left most of the countries unprepared in a difficult situation. The governments are forced to create quick, but effective and tenable plans to minimize the losses. BirdBox is a solution that would help them to find optimal strategies for financial relief packages by quickly detecting the most critical areas and finding the ones where the stimulus would have the best possible impact (generating revenue, saving jobs, preventing companies shutdown). This solution is applicable for, not only the immediate consequences of the Corona crisis, but also in case of a comeback that would again affect the economy.



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