Data Science Economy 2020: Data Vs. Covid
2+ keynotes / 15+ talks
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15th – 19th of June 2020, Online, Zagreb, Croatiažidara-Cvetković-w.jpg?fit=320%2C246
Lead Data Scientist at Adacta & Postdoctoral Research Associate in AI at Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Božidara Cvetković


Božidara Cvetković is an artificial intelligence expert with 8 years of experience at the Jožef Stefan Institute. She is a team lead of the ADACTA BI Data Science Team and a part-time member of the ADACTA CoE (Centre of Excellence) Team, specializing in data science and real-time machine learning. Her work is focused on personalisation and adaptation using machine-learning techniques, human behavior modelling and anomaly prediction. She is also an accomplished software developer.


Sales Forecasting & Stock Optimization using Machine Learning

Optimized stock is an important KPI in supply chain businesses since it directly translates into cash flow. On one side, constant high stock levels (overstocking) indicate that money on the stock is money not spent on potential growth and the other side low stock levels (frequent stock-outs) indicate that we might be losing money on the missed sale.

The main objective of stock optimization is to keep low stock levels but still have the right product, at the right place, at the right time, or a potential sale window is lost. In this presentation Božidara will present a platform that does all the above mentioned. The platform that consists of machine learning-based sales forecast & stock optimization system connected directly to ERP solution, and of the visual dashboard used for explanation and interpretation of recommendations and current sales & stock status.