Data Science Economy 2019: Dawn of AI
2+ keynotes / 30+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

16th & 17th of May 2019, @KRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia
Data Scientist, KOIOS, Croatia

Neven Trgovec


Neven Trgovec, a Data Scientist, joined Koios in 2018. He has a master’s degree in Financial and Business Mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, both obtained at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Zagreb. Prior to Koios, he worked in the Risk department of a major Croatian bank.

Koios Consulting Ltd. is a London-registered, Zagreb-based Business Intelligence and Data Science consultancy company, founded in 2007. by Stjepan Pavlek – Posavec. They have established a reputation as one of the leading consultancy firms in their primary industry, FinTech, working for all the Croatia’s top financial institutions. Since 2018. they have enhanced their BI expertise with DS solutions and have been among the main partners of the DSE Conference.


Scraping and analysis of the EU Parliament open data

In this workshop we will show the Python packages for data scraping, analysis and visualization we used in building our EU Parliament activity research. We will go through the most interesting and challenging tasks we faced, as well as some of the mistakes we made during analysis and implementation, by displaying the code in a Jupyter Notebook environment. We will also refer to the projects and materials we used and conclude by inviting further discussion and collaboration on our publicly available project.