Data Science Economy 2019: Dawn of AI
2+ keynotes / 30+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

16th & 17th of May 2019, @KRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia
Marketing Director – Enterprise Division, A1, Croatia

Monika Majstorović


Monika Majstorovic has over 13 years of extensive experience in the Telecom industry, currently steering growth in mobile, fixed and ICT business as the Marketing Director for Enterprise at A1 Hrvatska.

Monika was previously part of the leadership team of Tele2 as the Marketing and Strategy Director spearheading market leading propositions and innovations.

Having led several areas of the business from customer experience, research, base management, propositions, data science, product marketing, etc. she has the unique ability to mobilize, capture and monetize rich data from both internal and external sources, to drive growth and user experience.

Monika is a high-energy data science and digital enthusiast, frequently being an ambassador in fostering a culture of data driven decision-making.


Monika will highlight use cases of how businesses can employ tools to exploit the abundance of intelligence available in arms reach, across touchpoint and verticals of a company such as marketing, sales, service, IT, networks and processes – using real life examples from the telecom industry