Data Science Economy 2019: Dawn of AI
2+ keynotes / 30+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

16th & 17th of May 2019, @KRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia
Student Data Science, Algebra/Data Analytics, NEOS

Dario Radečić


Student at Algebra – Data Science
Work in NEOS, Data Analytics division


Real estate market price prediction tool

Fast recovery of real estate sector in Croatia in last months is powered by tourism and expected Croatian EU presidency. No matter of you are looking to buy or rent, to live in or to invest, real estate is one of the preferred investor strategies. With upcoming law related to property tax, our market can expect changes both in way how price will be calculated but also in way how different parts of Country will be further developed. With recent Airbnb ban from Paris/France aiming against real estate pricing trends, we can expect more and more policies to enter the market.

If you wonder why data scientists are not covering this topic – wonder no more! As part of Data Science master program on Algebra University College in co-operation with data science team from Algebra Lab, session will introduce data science based smart real estate market prediction tool. Let’s make future together – light your spark