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17. – 18.05. 2018, @HUB385, Zagreb, Croatia
Director, Cloud Services at Microsoft

Ratko Mutavdzic

Data Science is one of the cornerstones of modern digital transformation, and closely connected to cloud computing, thing that he does.

Ratko Mutavdžić is Director, Cloud Services in Central Eastern Europe, with Microsoft. He was working on several managment position in Microsoft, driving solution developments Public Sector, starting in a consulting practice and then leading several different sales and technology teams. He is the author of number of published papers on different aspects of the technology, successful blogs on new technologies, change and transformation and active contributor in a number of social networks exploring the use and advance of new ways to connect and share innovation and invention. He frequently speaks on conferences, meetings, workshops, coffe shops and generally at every place where people like to explore, challenge, investigate, think and innovate.



Idea is to discuss where we have limits today with the current technology – what we have achieved and what we cannot do – simply because technology have some practical limitations (remember Moore’s law). Now, we have some new technologies on the horizon (like Quantum Computing) and we are on the verge of understanding how we can move forward.



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This is highly interactive session and will force you to go back and remember a thing or two on Quantum Physics or Mechanics. People love that stuff, of course.


Quantum Computing and future of Data Science

Quantum Computing will be a massive breakthrough for data science and science in general. What will change? What problems we were not able to solve so far, and Quantum will give us the opportunity to do that? Learn about current efforts in Quantum and what will happen in near future.

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