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June 22nd 2017
Director, Cloud Services at Microsoft

Ratko Mutavdzic

Data Science is one of the cornerstones of modern digital transformation, and closely connected to cloud computing, thing that he does.

Ratko Mutavdžić is Director, Cloud Services in Central Eastern Europe, with Microsoft. He was working on several managment position in Microsoft, driving solution developments Public Sector, starting in a consulting practice and then leading several different sales and technology teams. He is the author of number of published papers on different aspects of the technology, successful blogs on new technologies, change and transformation and active contributor in a number of social networks exploring the use and advance of new ways to connect and share innovation and invention. He frequently speaks on conferences, meetings, workshops, coffe shops and generally at every place where people like to explore, challenge, investigate, think and innovate.



Do you know what is Data Science? I always think that at the conferences we need to have one of those… 101 style sessions where you explain the basics. Not everyone is an expert.

So idea is basically to help people understand what value they can get from Data Science (or investment in Data Science). You know, you are a manager or leader that heard something about that data science thing. So, what do you do? You hire a bunch of supersmart people that are good in math, science, data, statistics, people, numbers… and good things will happen? Let me explain you what you need to do, based on a many cases that we did at Microsoft for our worldwide customers.



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Data Science for the Rest of Us

This session will try to give you a glimpse to data science from the perspective of someone how is not data scientist. Yep, I do manage a lot of number, forecasts, predictions, resources etc but… need to understand how data science can help me.

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