28. – 29.06.2017 / 2 days / 16 talks
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June 28th and 29th, 2017, HUB385, Zagreb, Croatia
Ravnatelj / Director General at Državni zavod za statistiku Marko Krištof

Ravnatelj / Director General at Državni zavod za statistiku

To promote government transparency in data dissemination and policy creation. Specialties: Macroeconomic analysis, Economic policy, Labour economics, Budgetary analysis, Politics & IT



In order to stay relevant the official statistics has to tackle many challenges. While users require more data than ever before, there is also a need to reduce the response burden of enterprises and households. Enhancements of data processing, integrating new sources of data, new methods of processing, visualisations and innovative dissemination practices are used to respond to new conditions and need.



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Sessions and Workshops

Marko is leading transformation of the Croatian Statistics Bureau into the modern, data driven agency. Given that they are data provider to the Government and all of is, it will be interesting to hear what they are doing.


Transforming official statistics – from classic Data Processing to Data Science

The presentation will cover the transformation of Croatian Bureau of Statistics and elaborate the steps taken in order to assure a sustainable future of official statistics in the Republic of Croatia.

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