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20. – 22.05. 2020. / Online course

Leonardo de Marchi

Leonardo De Marchi holds a Master in Artificial intelligence and has worked as a Data Scientist in the sport world, with clients such as New York Knicks and Manchester United, and with large social networks, like Justgiving.

He now works as Lead Data Scientist in Badoo, the largest dating site with over 360 million users and he is the lead instructor at ideai.io, a company specialized in Deep Learning and Machine Learning training.


Workshop / Deep Learning Course

Gain tools and knowledge you need to begin developing your own Deep Learning projects in this course with Leonardo De Marchi.

Take a look at Deep Learning concepts with Keras by analysing an image recognition project and learning to develop the model from start to finish. We will then look at more complicated concepts like RNN, Transformers and Deep Reinforcement Learning. Each section will have a coding exercise.

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Leonardo’s Youtube tricks

Pandas Pub Tricks – Numeric only speedup

Is python slow? Depends on how you use it! Let’s see one way to speed it up by one order of magnitude.

Here he will show you how it’s possible to speed up some operations by one order of magnitude or more with a very small amount of work.

Hi is useing Python’s version 3.7 and Pandas version 0.25. If you are not familiar with Pandas, it’s an awesome Python library that help read and manipulate data.