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17. – 18.05. 2018, @HUB385, Zagreb, Croatia

Gorjan Agačević

Founder and Chief Product Officer at Amodo

Gorjan Agačević is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a digital expert with a successful 15 years track record in the fields of Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement and Insuretech. Over the years, Gorjan has worked as a digital consultant for Volvo Car corporation and a digital strategist for several international consumer brands (Nike, Molson Coors, etc.). Gorjan is also one of the co-founders of Revolucija, an acclaimed full service digital agency, and the organizer of Internet Things Croatia, a bi-monthly Meetup group with over 900 members. As Chief Product Officer and founder of Amodo, he provides strategic direction for product development and Innovation Management of their main product Driver Copilot, currently used by some of the largest insurer’ and car distributors in the world.



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Gorjan have a discussion on privacy of the personal data – and what should we get in return!


Why would anyone share anything personal with you?

We talk a lot about sorting, analysing and generally making sense of data. Many enterprises have big plans about what they will do with all the new data they plan to obtain from their customers and then get unpleasantly surprised when their customers say: “No, you can’t have this.“
Recent regulation is about to put even more control in the hands of the customer.
In the field of Connected Insurance we rely significantly on personal (behaviour) data to price different insurance products, and one of the hardest tasks is actually getting the data consistently. It’s not only a technical challenge, but also conceptual. With more control and more knowledge customers are becoming aware of the privacy issues, the value of their data, and are asking the following question: “If I share this with you, what will you give me in return, and how do I know you won’t use it against me?“
We’ll discuss some of the answers to this questions and I will present several successful and unsuccessful real-world use-cases in this session.

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