Data Science Economy
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What is the program of the conference?

15th – 17th of June 2020, ONLINE
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Data Science, Big Data and Analytics are the most active frontier for innovation. The analysis of colossal data sets is highly important in telecom, government, marketing, medicine, finance, business and beyond. As the world of big science is flourishing the novel resources for growth and understanding in the world also explodes and to share the insights all experts at the forefront of data science come together to frequently share their knowledge at the Data Science Economy conference.


Data Industry

The conference will feature many of the Big Data thought leaders from the industry. Speakers will showcase successful industry vertical use cases, share development and administration tips, and educate organizations about how best to leverage Data (Big Data, Smart Data, Fast Data, Open Data) as a key component in their enterprise data architecture.


Data Platforms

Understand emerging techniques and technologies by analyzing case studies, develop new technical skills through in-depth workshops, share emerging best practices in big data (Security, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Predictive Analytics, Containers, Microservices), and future trends.


Data Science

Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, e-commerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for businesses to effectively tailor their services by effective use of data analytics. Proper use of Data Science can be a major competitive advantage for any business considering vast amount of data being generated.


Best Practices

Understand how to apply Data Science learning from the best cases from different industries, Telco, Finance, Retail, Government etc. People will present their brightest ideas, and will give you an opportunity to engage during the unConference part of the Data Science Economy conference.
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Usefull Data

Our goal is to help you on a road to better data economy. We hope this will help you to extract better value out of the data, or whatever type of 0’es and 1’es you have.

Data Science Economy


What will be the schedule of the conference? Still working on in, but basic overview is already here.

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We ahve a great lineup of the people that will speak on the conference.

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What can you expect?

The Data Science Economy Conference is the outcome of need to create a platform for knowledge sharing, best practices, innovations, uses cases sharing and establishing a dialogue among the practitioners, users and tech vendors. This event would be rich with information about latest methods, tools and best of the best practices in the world of data science. The attendees will have the privilege to avail most of this flood of information and can make the most of the insights and data analysis. It is a must event for every budding Data Scientist, Data Science professionals and other Data Science citizens.