28.06.2017 / 3 keynotes / 16 talks
What is happening around unConference and Data Science?

June 28th, 2017, Zagreb, HUB385, Croatia


Well, Data Science Economy Conference is over, and as far as we got the feedback – it was a great one! Not only that we had a full house, but we also got the “vibe” – one could feel that everyone is so energized aboout the topic and we had a numerous debates on the halls or during the coffee breaks.

Keynotes were a great intro into the topic – Steve Lok gave us his view on how the Company should look at the digital opportunity and how to think about the data as an asset. Dmitry Turchyn was presenting the recent Technology advancements in the data governance Business but also the potential that data and Cloud, combined, have in a brave new word – all up to artificial intelligence that is growing today.

Also, we think we had one really good panel – topic of “Data Science in Croatia” went (expectedly) toward topic of collaboration between academia and private sector, and of course, we had a few on the role of the Government here. But we had some conclusions and some action items here.

And of course, after that one, we had a number of really interesting sessions and workshops (the second day) where we were sharing and learning about the data opportunities.

So, at the end, we want to thank all partners and sponsors, especially our Main Partner Microsoft which is leading in the field of Data Science for masses and organizations. But also to thank you all for investing your time and energy to be on this Conference.

Please stay in touch, either through the FB pages or future regular meetups at

And enjoy some pictures from the Conference here: Data Science Economy unConference 2017 on Flickr.



Given the great interest for the unConference and feedback that we got last year, we are introducing the second day – workshops for the masses. And this addition is absolutely for FREE to all of you – please just note that you will participate or come freely to the second day to the HUB385.

We are organizing a day with vendors presentations of how you can use their Big Data and data Science Technologies to power your own solutions – we will have Microsoft, IBM, SAS and ORACLE presenting their best platforms and solutions for Data Science. For more information, just click on the Workshops menu on the main or any other pages.


We received many questions or “what is this unConference thing“? So, it probably should be explained a little bit here.

First part of the Data Science Economy Conference is a regular one: there will be keynote speeches, we will have a panels, then we will have tracks and speakers that are experts in a specific domains… You know, usual stuff. People are talking, you are sitting in the audience and listening and then – maybe you have a question, but mostly no one is asking anything. Which is strange, because everyone is very eager to discuss anything later during the breaks or after the session itself.

So, we are introducing “unConference”.

During the first half of the day, you will have an opportunity to use big whiteboard that will be placed in front of the session rooms and PROPOSE an afternoon session – you will wrote a topic (or specific area) that you want to address, and you will be the owner of that mini-session.

So, after the lunch, at the designated area, you will have an whiteboard (maybe even a projector) that you can use to explain your issue, problem, idea, whatever, and attendees will choose where they want to join.

One interesting thing: we will select the best ideas for sessions, and reward those with FREE entrance to the Conference! So, it pays out to be proactive :). (You can send us proposals via many comm links, but you can also add them here in Comments below).

We will give you more info on this as Conference is closing, and please, send us you proposals right now – some of the examples you already have on the Schedule of the (un)Conference!

Artificial Intelligence is heading our way – and we need to understand its impact and changes that it will bring to us and our future.

Underneath all the hype, real breakthroughs in AI are happening, transforming how we do business. Intelligence engineers and developers are creating software that doesn’t just do what it’s told, but has the ability to anticipate the needs of its users and customers through a combination of pattern recognition, knowledge, planning, and reasoning.

EVENTA01 launched new series of meetups that are explaining new ways how to use AI, including:

  • Translating AI into real numbers for business
  • Deep learning models for computer vision solutions
  • AI for structured business data
  • How AI can power voice interfaces
  • Natural language processing
  • Tensorflow
  • Using the cloud as an AI supercomputer
  • Scaling and productizing conversational AI
  • Affordable AI-capable products
  • AI for digital advertising product recommendations
  • Software and hardware breakthroughs for deep neural networks
  • AI contributions in industry and engineering

On meetup, we had the opportunity to host over 170 people that were part of the discussions, including some invited presentations from leading AI experts in Croatia.

Please stay in touch: look at the Facebook group at, like and keep yourself connected to the future.