28. – 29.06.2017/ Data Science Economy / 3 keynotes / 16 talks / 36+ speakers
Awesome and great speakers on Data Science, Monetization and Economy

June 28th and 29th, 2017, Zagreb, HUB385, Croatia


28.06.2017 Data Science and Economy is important part of Digital Transformation today. We are connecting people and organizations that think about the impact of the data science and how to create a new value out of the resources that you have, or you have an opportunity to create.

What can you expect at the conference this year?

This conference is open to everyone – if you want to learn what Data Science is, your are welcome. If you are a manager that wants to know should he invest in Data Science and what will be the outcomes, sure. If you are a scientist or mathematician or programmer that is interested to move to the Data Scientist role – you will find some interesting topics here.

This conference is also for business analytics professionals working in data science, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or predictive modeling – they want to see what others are doing and what are the best practices from the companies and vendors that are participating.

From last DSM2016 conference

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Meet the headline of…

Speakers, Advisors and Supporters

We have great lineup of fantastic speakers that will drive Keynotes and Main Case Studies in Retail, Telco, Government and Finance. But we also expect the best from you – we are introducing an unConference concept where speakers are – you, and you will nominate yourself for a spot. Leo


CEO at IN2data Ltd Data Science Company, Conference Co-Chair

Ph.D. Milan


Professor, Chair in Data Science, London School of Economics, Advisor



Head of Marketing Tech & Ops at The Economist, Keynote Speaker



CEE HQ PMM Data Platform at Microsoft, Keynote Speaker

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17. June 2017.

Given the great interest for the unConference and feedback that we got last year, we are introducing the second day – workshops for the masses. And this addition is absolutely for FREE to all of you – please just note that you will participate or come freely to the second day to the HUB385. We […]
3. June 2017.

We received many questions or “what is this unConference thing“? So, it probably should be explained a little bit here. First part of the Data Science Economy Conference is a regular one: there will be keynote speeches, we will have a panels, then we will have tracks and speakers that are experts in a specific […]
28. May 2017.

Meet Steve Lok – Head of Marketing Tech & Ops, The Economist that will be one of the Keynote Speakers at the Data Science Economy conference in Zagreb. Here, he is speaking at a CMO Event for Global Business Intelligence on ‘Contextualization Of Content And Users’