Data Science Economy 2020
4 keynotes / 30+ talks
delivered from experts & practitioners

6th & 7th of May 2020, @KRAŠ Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia

Data Science Economy Conference

The time for investing in building a data driven company is now.

What can you expect at the conference this year?

This conference is open to everyone – if you want to learn what Data Science is, you are welcome. If you are a manager that wants to know should he invest in Data Science and what will be the outcomes, sure. If you are a scientist or mathematician or programmer that is interested to move to the Data Scientist role – you will find some interesting topics here.

This conference is also for business analytics professionals working in data science, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or predictive modelling – they want to see what others are doing and what are the best practices from the companies and vendors that are participating.

Check out some details on how it was last year (2019) so you will get the picture about what can you expect on DSE 20202!

From previous Data Science conferences

Check out the gallery from our conference held in 2018/2019 in Zagreb

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Organizational Committee, Advisors and Supporters

We have great lineup of fantastic speakers that will drive Keynotes and Main Case Studies in Retail, Telco, Government and Finance. But we also expect the best from you – we are introducing an unConference concept where speakers are – you, and you will nominate yourself for a spot. Leo


Director at AlgebraLAB, Academic Entrepreneur



Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer, Business Intelligence / Big Data @NEOS



Leading international expert for Analytical Systems and Data Architecture @Poslovna Inteligencija



President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer @ Koios Consulting Ltd



Business Intelligence Department Manager at Adacta d.o.o., Zagreb



Board Member at Megatrend



CEE PS Cloud Services Director, Data Economy Enthusiast @Microsoft Corporation

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21. May 2019.

Podatci uzdrmavaju svijet, tako je najavljeno predavanje Laure Bermudez koje je danas održala na konferenciji Data Science Economy: Dawn of AI, aludirajući na to da upravo sve veća količina informacija koja se prikuplja utječe na poslovanje tvrtki, njihove proizvode i korisnike. Laura vodi razvoj softvera u Carti iz Palo Alta, čiji je cilj povećati broj […]
2. May 2019.

Što znaci danas imati tvrtku koja koristi Data Science kako dio strategije poslovanje? Kompanije na malim tržištima kao što su naša još uvijek ne znaju što to znači. S jedne strane smo bombardirani primjerima globalnih giganata (Amazon, Alibaba itd.) koja svoje poslovanje od „prvog dana“ temelje na podacima dok nas u realnosti relativno često okružuju […]
18. May 2018.

Collecting the positive feedback about the conference: 02.05.2017 Data Science Economy 2018: Kako postaviti strategiju za razvoj na temelju podataka? (link) 15.05.2017 Zagreb domaćin Data Science Economy 2018 konferencije (link) 17.05.2018 Data Science Economy 2018 konferencija 17. i 18.05. u HUB285 u Zagrebu (link) Prvi dan Data science Economy 2018 konferencije […]

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They recognize the importance of Data Science and the need to gather community for growth and development


They support and complement the efforts and built strong relationships with DSE community


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