Data Science Economy: Data Driven
2 keynotes / 16 talks / 36+ speakers
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17. – 18.05. 2018, @HUB385, Zagreb, Croatia

Data Driven Conference

Data Science Economy!

What can you expect at the conference this year?

This conference is open to everyone – if you want to learn what Data Science is, you are welcome. If you are a manager that wants to know should he invest in Data Science and what will be the outcomes, sure. If you are a scientist or mathematician or programmer that is interested to move to the Data Scientist role – you will find some interesting topics here.

This conference is also for business analytics professionals working in data science, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or predictive modelling – they want to see what others are doing and what are the best practices from the companies and vendors that are participating.

Check out some details on how it was last year (2017) and what can you expect on DSE 2018!

Data Driven!

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We have great lineup of fantastic speakers that will drive Keynotes and Main Case Studies in Retail, Telco, Government and Finance. But we also expect the best from you – we are introducing an unConference concept where speakers are – you, and you will nominate yourself for a spot. Leo


Director at AlgebraLAB, @Algebra, IN2Data CoFounder and Senior Partner @IN2Data



Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer, Business Intelligence / Big Data @NEOS



Leading international expert for Analytical Systems and Data Architecture @Poslovna Inteligencija



President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer @ Koios Consulting Ltd Sven


Full Professor of EE and CS, Director of the Image Processing Group at FER Zagreb



CEE PS Cloud Services Director, Data Economy Enthusiast @Microsoft Corporation

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13. April 2018.

Vuk is the CEO and co-founder of Oraclum Intelligence Systems Ltd, a Cambridge-based company that uses the power of social networks, machine learning, and big data to predict election outcomes and uncover patterns of consumer behavior. He holds a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics, in the field of political economy, BA in […]
23. March 2018.

Počinjemo s objavljivanjem sadržaja, predavača i sudionika na konferenciji Data Science Economy ove godine u Zagrebu – 17. i 18.05. 2018 u prostorijama HUB385 imati ćemo prilike ugostiti stručnjake i entuzijaste iz cijeloga svijeta. Prva koju predstavljamo je Shalini Sukumar, Product Owner Data Science iz O tvrtki znate sve, a sada imate priliku saznati kako koriste […]
17. March 2018.

Dobro došli na treću po redu Data Science 2018: Data Driven konferneciju koja će nam ponovno otvoriti vrata znanosti o podacima – ovog puta 17. i 18.05. 2018 u prostorijama @HUB385 u Zagrebu. Više informacija o konferenciji pronađite na, a pratite i naše stranice na Facebooku. Ne zaboravite da redovno imamo i meetup događanja […]